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Residential Landscaping Services

Add value to your property and invest for generations to come. Concrete and interlocking improve the overall look value and functionality of your property.



Interlocking Walkways
Interlocking Driveways
Interlocking Retaining Walls
Interlocking Patios
Interlocking Retaining Wall and Steps

Interlocking is often a manufactured paving stone that comes in a variety of colours, sizes and texture. Create unique looks by combining constrasting colours and texture. With interlocking paving stone the possibilites are exciting. 

Natural Flagstone

Flagstone Walkways
Flagstone Patios
Natural Stone Walls and Steps
Flagstone Stairs
Flagstone Porches
Flagstone Pool Patio

Whether you love the rustic look of traditional flagstone or a modern block pattern, flagstone is always elegant and stunning. With its natural colours and unique shapes, you are sure to wow the neighbours. Flagstone is natural stone and most patterns and projects can be customized to your dream project. 

Concrete Work

Concrete Work
Concrete Driveways
Concrete Walkways
Concrete Steps

Classic, simple and bold. With concrete we can create unique wrapping walkways and driveways. Concrete is a style that can compliment any surrounding landscaping and any style house. 


Blockwork and Brick work

Block Work Foundation
Brick Work
Tuck Pointing

A concrete foundation for a building is built up with concrete blockwork. Brickwork the asthetic look of your house/project.


Draining System Installation

Need to waterproof a project? We specialize in waterproofing foundations. We're also great at basement lowering and installing drainage systems that keep you and your property flood-free. 



Pool Infilling

Big hole where a pool used to be? Not a problem. We provide infilling services to give you back a perfect leveled lawn. Or a spot for a new patio?