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Our foundation is not a 20’x 30’ concrete slab. It’s the customers who keep coming back and the people who continually speak good words about us to their friends, families, and neighbours. Our philosophy is to position Brightview Construction as a company that is synonymous with integrity, workmanship, and trust.


When you choose Brightview Construction for your next hardscape project, know that our reputation and growth is dependent on satisfied customers. We only cut corners when they are made from concrete, brick, or stone. We alleviate any fear or anxiety from our clients with our workmanship guarantee, our stringent safety standards, and our integrity pricing policy.

Jack Lucente

Brought into the profession by his Father, Jack continues to enforce the values of quality, workmanship and most importantly customer satisfaction.


“The types of clients we work with demand quality and value.  For most, purchasing a home will be the most significant investment of their lifetime. Our role is to increase the value of their investment, all while delivering a solution that is both functional, and beautiful. I can fully appreciate that today’s consumer needs more than someone’s word, and a firm handshake to earn trust.  We view trust as something that isn’t just given—even from a referral; it has to be earned.  To garner this confidence, we developed the Brightview PREVIEW communication process which is a scope-of-work document that outlines the key project deliverables, including accurate estimating, timelines and visual aids.”

Ross Schepisi

Ross brings old school work ethics and combines it with the latest in hardscape construction processes.  His philosophy stems from 25 years of hardscape construction experience and witnessing first-hand the right and wrong way of doing things.  This experience shaped Brightview’s workmanship guarantee— which is a promise of quality work regardless of the size and scope of the project. 


“As with any type of construction, preparation is equally, if not more important, than finishing. I need to enforce the importance of seeing the big picture. Water drainage, structural damage, and assessing the job site itself may have negative consequences if not properly addressed before we break ground”.


Project Planning, Compliance, and Quality

Project Management & Safety

Clean up and project closing protocol

Brightview’s Integrity Pricing:

With over thirty years in the hardscape construction industry, we have acquired the knowledge necessary to present our clients with an accurate, competitive, and fair-market estimate. We guarantee it!

Our guarantee means we will invest the time and effort needed to properly assess and plan each project. The result is an accurate and competitive estimate, which encompasses all aspects of the project, including project planning, design, labour, and materials.

Our integrity pricing means there are no hidden costs, and we will never present you with a surprise bill for extra work or unreasonable requests for more of your hard-earned dollars. However, the construction industry in general is always at the mercy of nature; therefore, unforeseen obstacles may arise during construction. In these rare cases, we will notify you immediately so the issue can be addressed. If you request additions or revisions to the original project plan during construction, we will notify you of additional costs for labour and materials.

Safety Standards

Brightview Construction adopts a high-level safety standard protocol for both its workers and its clients. Hazardous or unsafe areas will be blocked off to ensure the safety of your family, neighbours, and pets.

WSIB Insured

Brightview’s employees and subcontractors are WSIB insured and are always equipped with the appropriate safety gear. If you require additional documentation for WSIB, please feel free to contact us.


Brightview is a Member of Lanscape Ontario

As a member of Landscape Ontario, we have a commitment to a high standard of workmanship and ethics. Landscape Ontario Members must be full time in the industry for at least three years, sponsored, insured, and abide by the Principles and Ethics Statement of Conduct. Members strive to elevate the green industry to benefit homeowners and the trade alike. For information, visit the Landscape Ontario Website.

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